"The A stands for allies!"


"But we’re part of the LGBTQ comm-"


"They don’t even feel attrac-"


a:tla 30 day challenge  day 25: favorite friendship

katara and toph


If I don’t make it back, you’re the only hope for the Alliance.

Anonymous asked: Can you please review Gravity falls? I dont know what to think about it, but its feminist.

I watched it on mute at a Shake Shack last night and that was literally the first time I’ve ever seen it. So I don’t know how helpful my review would be. I think I’ve heard good things? Followers?

No reward is worth this.

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“The fact is, like it or not, you still live a world where gender matters. Where gender controls not just the entire course of your life – but the lives of women all over the world. Every second, a child will be born female in a country where she will persecuted for this random biological occurrence for the rest of her life. So before you hold up your anti-Feminist placard proudly and smile at your own sense of empowerment, think not what Feminism can do for you, but what it can do for that one girl. She needs someone to stand up for her. That someone could be you.”

The Thing ‘Women Against Feminism’ Fail to Understand

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Look at me… I will never pass for a perfect bride. Or a perfect daughter. Can it be, I’m not meant to play this part? Now I see, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart. Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? Somehow I cannot hide who I am, though I’ve tried. When will my reflection show who I am inside?

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Atla Meme - Eight Characters

Katara [7/8]


Panel from Wonder Woman #279, May 1981

Diana asking the real questions