I think MOGAII is great for some purposes, especially when you want to discuss identity marginalization in general. I suppose I’m just not ready to make it my default. It still leaves something to desired. LGBTQIAP+ isn’t perfect, but it’s my preferred term for now.


smallswingshoes replied to your post:

My question is how many of those advocating for MOGII/MOGAI aren’t asexual, bisexual, or trans. From what I understand, there’s a considerable amount of erasure within the community for those 3 groups. I dunno.

I’m not sure. I bet it’s a mix, and it’s fine if that’s the term you prefer. But as someone who identifies as ace, I don’t like the idea of cutting the A. Or the B, T or P.


deathfaceginny replied to your post:

It’s not erasure, “marginalized orientations, gender identities and intersex” includes aces.

I know it does. But I think there is value to the specific names being in there.

dayquipper replied to your post:

And cutting out the A, which stands for a marginalised group, makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Exactly. I don’t think the solution to erasure should be further erasure.

There are good arguments for alternate terms, but one thing I like about LGBTQIAP+ is all the letters. Because so many groups have to deal with erasure, having the letters there compels people to find out what they all stand for. That prompt is important for the groups that deal with erasure.


deathfaceginny replied to your post:

Mostly it’s less of a mouthful than LGBTQIAP+, and allies can’t appropriate it to include themselves.

I don’t mind the length. Also I don’t think we need to make accommodations to our terms just because some allies wanna be assholes.

yestheywanteggsrory replied to your post:

I prefer MOGII personaly (Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identity, and Intersex) No way for Allies to sneak their way in with an A

Yeah but allies appropriating the A is not something we should make accommodations for. It’s their responsibility to know better.

peppersongg replied to your post:

it’s more concise and doesn’t need to be altered to include any new terms that may arise.

That makes sense, but I also like the opportunity to recognize specific groups rather than just an umbrella term.

Anonymous asked: hey fyi! 'MOGAI' (Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, A[sexual, gender, romantic] and Intersex) is the prefffered term rather than LGBT(QIAP). It's more enclusive and shorter plus it doubles as an adjective!! it was coined by cisphobeofficial, who is a really cool person!!!

Interesting. I’ve been identifying with LGBTQIAP+ and I rather like it, though I’ve heard arguments for and against it’s use. I haven’t heard of any one preferred term being settled on, however. Can anyone share some of the specific reasons why this term is preferable?