J Smooth calls out online harassment as a serious issue in “All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones”. Thanks for being a great male ally in the struggle against sexism!

I especially love this vid because he directly addresses the whole “Trolls will be trolls” excuse. I don’t care if people troll for trollings sake and “don’t actually believe” the sexist or racist things they say. That’s bullshit. Anyone who thinks saying sexist or racist things is funny or ironic is actually….wait for it…. sexist and racist! Harassment for harassment sake is still harassment, and I’m never going to let fear of “feeding the trolls” keep me from calling out harassment when I see it. I think the “don’t feed the trolls” mantra is a big part about why online harassment remains such a big problem. 

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Transmissions From My Brainmeat: Quick Thoughts on Trolls


Probably the least effective complaint sexists can leave on any article about the LEGO campaign/meeting is that I’m ugly (or must have had an abusive stepfather because I have short hair and therefore I want people to wear more vests, because really that one doesn’t even make any sense). And yes, I know, never read the comments, but I do what I want

This is not an insult to me. Saying you’d rather “fondle one of the LEGO Friends toys” than me is a comfort, not an insult. It’s creepy as all hell, but I am so glad that you find me repulsive and physically displeasing. We are in complete agreement on being repulsed by one another.

But what you fail to understand is that it is not possible for me to care any less what you think about my appearance. Goes with the whole “I’m a feminist” thing. I don’t allow you to define my worth by whether or not you’d like to have sex with me. I don’t allow you to invalidate my work by whether or not you think I’m attractive, or whether or not you like the length or color(s) of my hair, or my clothes or boobs or face. It is irrelevant in every imaginable way.

This is not an effective attack, because it is the most meaningless front on which to try to insult me. It also validates the work I am doing. If you see me out there fighting for kids to have healthy play that doesn’t subject them to regressive ideals of a normalized white girlhood, and the only thing you can think of to counter that is that you find me ugly…well.

Then I have already won.